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Founder / Owner

Alex Timothee

Alex is the founder of Gold Standard Preservation LLC—a Certified Transplant Preservationist with over 15 years of experience collaborating with industry experts. Renowned as a leading kidney perfusionist and orthotopic liver transfusionist, he has successfully trained and managed staff across various medical facilities. With a solid foundation in surgical support, Alex stands out as a robust and efficient contributor in any surgical environment. Beyond his role at Gold Standard Preservation, Alex remains dedicated to honing his leadership skills and deepening his business acumen through ongoing education with NACD, SBDC, NATCO, and ASTS. His unwavering professionalism is complemented by a team of seasoned and committed individuals, making Alex an inspiring and trusted leader in the field.

team members

Selma Twillie

Director of Operations

Selma has been a part of Organ Donation and Transplantation for over 20 years. Her current certifications are Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS) and Certified Transplant Preservationist (CTP). In addition to assisting in countless procurements, she has trained surgeons, medical students, nurses, certified first assistants, and surgical technologists in organ procurement and transplantation. Selma is a motivating leader who inspires and empowers our Gold Standard Preservation LLC team.

Brittany Boudreau

Certified Transplant Preservationist

Brittany’s unwavering dedication and exceptional professionalism have driven our success. She is an invaluable asset to our team as a Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA), Certified Surgical Technologist ( CST), and graduate of NATCO’s Emerging Leaders Program, with over seven years of experience in Transplant and Organ Procurements. After training at Emory University Hospital, Brittany developed a passion for transplants that has only intensified over time. Her unwavering commitment to providing donors and their families the highest care is inspiring. As she continues to expand her expertise in the field, we do not doubt that Brittany will continue to lead the charge in advancing our organization’s mission and making a meaningful impact on countless lives.

Stacy McClure

Preservation Technician

Stacy is an accomplished and dedicated medical professional with over 27 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her journey began as a Surgical Technologist, honing her skills and expertise in various hospitals and doctors’ offices. However, 21 years ago, she discovered her true calling in organ tissue and donation. For the past two decades, Stacy has excelled as a tissue procurement coordinator within the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) realm. Demonstrating unwavering compassion, she prioritizes the well-being of donors and their families throughout the donation process. Stacy’s commitment to the Donate Life mission is determined, and she remains at the forefront of her field by continually expanding her skills and pursuing various certifications. Stacy exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and compassion in organ and tissue donation.

Brandy Hipps

Certified Transplant Preservationist

Brandy is an adaptable and detail-oriented colleague. She is a dedicated team player who has supported surgeons through fast-paced surgical procedures, resulting in great patient care. She is a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) trained in various surgical procedures and settings, including intricate ophthalmology procedures, orthopedics, GYN, obstetrics, and general surgery. It has long been a goal of Brandy’s to transition to the Organ Transplant field. She brings a proven commitment to quality, safety, and service and embraces her passion for the inspiring and meaningful work involved in Organ Procurement and Preservation.

Alethea Oliver

Certified Transplant Preservationist

Alethea Oliver, a Certified Surgical Technician and Transplant Preservationist, brings a unique perspective to her roles. Her experience in the OPO space has honed her skills in heart, lung, liver, and kidney procurement for transplant and research purposes. Alethea oversees machine kidney perfusion, trains new surgical coordinators, and actively participates in educational seminars. Her leadership and mentoring skills are instrumental in ensuring new staff members are well-prepared.

She has consistently demonstrated exceptional communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills throughout her career, fostering collaborative environments and efficient workflows in high-pressure operating rooms. Her strong organizational capabilities and keen attention to detail contribute to her surgical coordination and patient care proficiency.

Alethea’s qualifications are a testament to her dedication and expertise. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology from Brown Mackie College and maintains certifications that are highly relevant to her field-a Certified Transplant Preservationist (CTP), a Certified Surgical Technician (CST), and in Basic Life Support (BLS). Her passion for patient care, education, and continuous improvement drives her to excel in her field, making her a trusted and respected professional in organ procurement and surgical technology.

Ivelisse Rodriguez


Ivelisse is originally from Youngstown, Ohio. She has worked in early childhood education and now enjoys expanding her skills from her time in education to business applications in the medical industry and logistics. She looks forward to growing with the company while contributing to its success

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