Gold Standard Preservation

Our team of certified and expert preservationists is dedicated to meeting your every need with unparalleled professionalism and utility.

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organ preservation

Our Preservation Services

At GSP, we provide surgical assisting during recovery, organ In-situ preservation, organ packaging according to OPTN policies, and overall adherence to your facility's policies and procedures.

Organ Machine Perfusion

Our Perfusion Services

Our staff is knowledgeable on various machine perfusion devices, ensuring continuous on-site monitoring, troubleshooting, and real-time updates during organ perfusion.


Our Fly-Out Services

We provide 24/7 On-call availability and real-time communication with the organ placement team during recovery. Our staff are trained in current preservation technologies, perfusion, and surgical assisting.

why we do it

our mission

At Gold Standard Preservation, our mission ignites hope by being an exceptionally innovative and supportive partner in organ transplantation.
Through unwavering dedication to learning, professionalism, and community, we strive to maximize the viability of organs, extending life-saving opportunities and fostering collaboration within the transplant community.
We are relentlessly useful, adding unparalleled value to those touched by organ donation and cultivating hope by supporting transplant programs and organizations. Every organ tells a story of second chances and extraordinary human connection, a story we are proud to be a part of..

who we are

about us

At GSP, we transcend the conventional definition of a company; we are a cohesive team of devoted organ procurement specialists based in Atlanta. Our collective commitment is centered on making a tangible impact in the lives of transplant patients. Whether engaged in local procurement, facilitating out-of-state fly-out preservation, or expertly managing non-related kidney preservation and kidney pumping, our team adheres to the highest standards of training.

As we anticipate the introduction of liver normothermic pumping, we consistently challenge ourselves to offer cutting-edge and pragmatic solutions. However, above all, our overarching mission is to pay homage to the profound gift of giving. We achieve this by delivering unparalleled customer service and exemplary assistance to the transplant centers we have the privilege to collaborate with.

our mission

At Gold Standard Preservation, our mission is to catalyze positive change in the realm of organ transplantation. We accomplish this by delivering expert assistance and unparalleled customer service to transplant centers. Our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ongoing training propels us to the forefront of emerging technologies.

However, our true motivation lies in a profound gratitude for the gift of organ donation. We aspire to honor this gift by leveraging our expertise to save and enhance lives, one organ at a time. Our ultimate goal is to make a meaningful impact in the field of organ transplantation, fostering a future where each transplant is a beacon of hope and healing. Gold Standard Preservation is dedicated to driving progress and positively transforming the landscape of organ transplantation, driven by a deep appreciation for the generosity of organ donors and the potential for life-changing impact.

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